"We Give Our Love To You" began as an assignment for a songwriting class with Berklee. I had been experimenting with open tunings that Joni employed just prior to the beginning of the class, and just prior to Joni suffering a brain aneurysm.

As class proceeded, I continued to develop the song. For "Assignment 12", in which we had to write a song using the form "verse/refrain/chorus", it appeared in its final form--and a tribute to Joni. Following class, I assembled the video from available photos.

I did not know until recently, but is was childhood polio, causing a weakened left hand, that led Joni to develop all her open tunings--requiring the use of no more than two fingers at a time. And her 1956 Martin D-28 was a gift from a returning serviceman in 1966. It had survived a grenade attack--Joni believing that the concussive forces helped open up the wood producing the "best sounding guitar" she ever played. It was stolen from an airport carousel in 1974. I found an article from 1969 describing the contents of her home in Laurel Canyon which I used.

"Miles Of Aisles" got me through college--thanks Joni!.

Bob Jensen: Words and Music, Guitars, Keyboards, Orchestration.
Iari Melchor: Vocals.