Another assignment from Berklee. This one was created for Assignment 9: "Type 2 Verse Prechorus Chorus". It is only one verse/prechorus/chorus as that was all that was needed for the assignment. I am including it for now as it is being developed to expand it to full form and I just flat out like it--shows my "range".

When Iari showed up to record the vocals, the first thing out of his mouth was: "So when did you start writing show tunes?". I had similar reactions from fellow classmates: "Sounds like it's from Frozen".

I Like it because in a million years I would never have thought I would write something even close to a show tune.

And Iari brought his best Bel Canto to play!

Lyrics need to be expanded and tweaked as I reused some lyric from other works. Probably add another verse etc followed by a bridge then back to the chorus and out.

Bob Jensen: Words and Music, Orchestration.
Iari Melchor: Vocals.