I was home for the summer, my junior year in college. A high school friend was having a 4th of July Party. He lived lakeside where they set off the fireworks. Seeing an attractive girl sitting on his front lawn I plopped myself down next to her--we hit it off.

When she got up to go the bathroom, she had two metal crutches--she was partially paralyzed having broken her neck a year earlier in a diving accident. We hung out that night and had dinner the next night. The following day she and her family returned to the Los Angeles area.

Late in August when I was outside working on my car in the driveway, she and her cousin drove up (they were on there way back to LA from a trip). We talked for about 20 minutes then she left.

I had not thought of her at all, for decades, until a few weeks ago. It just hit me out of the blue. Wonder how she was, if her condition improved due to technology, if she had a good life despite, etc. I remember the dress she wore the last time I saw her and how her hair was done but I cannot remember her face. I wonder if she remembers me?

Bob Jensen: Words and Music, Piano, Orchestration.
Joy Bonner: Vocals.